You Are The One You’ve Been Waiting For – Day 10

Reset Your Thinking Day 10 – You Are The One You’ve Been Waiting

“Just keep coming home to yourself. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.” – Bryron Katie

ResetLife wants us to see that all of the qualities and experiences that we are longing for outside ourselves. As we grow and evolve life has it’s way of letting see the reality of things. As awareness takes place and cycles are broken over and over again and dimension of present day truth is revealed laying a new foundaton. This doesn’t mean we don’t need anyone or anything outside ourselves but it means that we truly get that the power for everything we want begins with US.  

What you’ve been waiting for.. to get to the next level, the next phase in life begins with you. Though you’re waiting on and for people. You fail to realize that it is your substance, intellect, skills and talent that draws the people of your caliber. So, why wait for something to happen or for a specific someone to create it with? you can create it now because the resources to do it are within you. #ResetYourThinking #WhatYouveBeenWaitingForIsWaitingForYou

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