BookCoverImageOne of the best examples of an intercessor was Jesus Christ. As God’s watchman-intercessor your lifestyle reflects God’s image. Your voice reverberates His sound in the earth realm. Your proclamations regulate His ruler-ship in the earth. You praying God’s mind, His will, His council carries out God’s agenda. You are God’s intercessor, seize the city.




unleashbookcoverAs you read Unleash Your Undiscovered Seed, it will become clear to you that not living your life by God’s design will alter God’s plans and misconception will choose another path. Are you living your life to its fullest potential? Are you still hiding behind the masks hoping the world will see the true you? Then this book is for you. It will awaken your very soul, align your spiritually and unleash the undiscovered you.



genrationbookToday’s Information Age known as the Digital Age has shifted from the Traditional Industry to an Industrial Revolution. The definition of digital is.. (or what information means). With technological intelligence would there be a need God for an emerging generation? Will they have to choose? Or would they bypass the knowledge base and know that God is universally high-tech? What will be the driving force of an information age generation, information or spirituality?



when love rejects youAs you read “When Love Rejects You”, each poem will en-kindle a memory. Each chapter, Structured You, Faces, A Date With Destiny, Forever Your Lady, You Are My DownFall and Many Lovers One Face invokes a thought. It’s up to you to exemplify your story. Will it be one of pain and misery or one of liberation and peace?

The emotions of irony fear, rejection and insecurity reject you … not love. May this book color your life so brightly, allowing you to illustrate another chapter of your life.


prophetic culturesBridging The Gap Between Prophetic Cultures is a study guide for emerging prophets. In this book prophets will learn:
-The Abstract “Mind” of God
-What Does It Mean To Be Prophetic?
-Types of Prophetic Ministries
-Prophetic Cultures
-Bridging The Gap
Prophets are bridge builders between models and cultures, prophetically the emerging prophet will connect two cultures to make the difference for the emerging generations.


mobilizingMobilizing the End-Time Intercessor for war will equip, train, develop and mobilize the intercessor with an End-Time mandate to intercede and engage in war for their cities, regions, territories and the nations. This book will empower, educate prepare an End-Time generation for war while advancing the Kingdom of God.