Diversion defined as the instance of turning something aside from its course.  Diversions don’t have to have a negative connotation if the intention is positive for the growth and establishment of life goals. We deal with diversions every day of our lives, from detours in traffic requiring that we take an alternative route, to doing an activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns; as in recreation, reading a book, or relaxing, to help get your mind off what concerns you.

On a spiritual note, diversion could be considered a distraction, a disturbance or a smokescreen in the art of war. We know it as warfare or an act of the devil before one recognizes or sees and deems it as an act of God. With maturity and spiritual growth, you’ll see it for what it is, to draw out or bring to the forefront what could hinder progression. It could be one’s attitude or emotional development that needs attention. 

I hate the word diversion; I know hate is a strong word. The word along with the experience it brought disrupted the course of entry upon readiness to achieve my next phase/chapter in life it initiated regression, a diminishment. The term diversion in my line of work (aviation) means an aircraft is being rerouted due to bad weather, mechanical failure, to be refueled, or a crew has timed out. But wait a minute you might say, that’s not a reason to hate the word diversion. Let me explain, although I’m open to change, I am not open to change when it demands my complete attention without preparation and permission. Though it’s my job, every scenario is different. One can never adjust to adapt for the flow is constant with consistency yet never the same.

All agents are in waiting mode stationed and in position, but with diversions, there’s no telling when you’ll leave, how long you’ll stay or what the outcome will be.  We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for a signal, waiting for corporate to send word. While waiting, the flight is deplaning, with no instructions for passengers except to wait. During that time we’re taking turns likened to a fighting match telling each other it’s your turn to deal with the heat. While waiting, we’re praying the pilot doesn’t time out. Time out means they’ve completed their 12-hour shift and everyone has to wait up to 4 hours for a new trade-off, upon receiving word what corporate has put in place to resolve the problem.

Which may include a plan to get passengers home or to their final destination with another carrier, in the meantime here are your vouchers for a hotel and food in the meantime while we execute the plan.. Yes, problem solved; However, people will never be satisfied with the outcome, while others will always want more. Hearing the echoes of their response, at least we don’t have to pay for it. Yes, problem solved! 

Now, you see why I hate diversions. It is my nature to solve problems, but when solving the problem doesn’t help an unsatisfied soul. It takes something from you. My lesson, whether you have the resources and the ability to move things into place aligning one’s future. If that soul is not ready, nor satisfied with themselves there’s nothing you can do and you cannot solve everyone’s problem.

It’s 2:30 in the morning, and I am preparing to leave for work, going over my last minute checks, the Lord spoke these words. “Though they have set timetables, I am the captain and the pilot of their soul. I dictate the timetable; I allow diversions. Some are preparing to go into a place they are not ready for, their expectations are off”. He said, “their temperaments are likened to what you deal with at work, some are hot – angry, cool – moderately in between and others are low without expectations”. 

It doesn’t matter how much they’ve paid or invested in their future/journey for purpose. If the Captain says no entry, then it’s no entry. Unless the pilots have been timed out and now, there’s a shift change, with each shift change the Captain has a new expectation for the journey ahead. 

Though you have your expectations and blueprint, the Captain has a map, an estimated time of departure and arrival with pre-flight latitudes and longitude coordinates of your journey.

The Captain keeps your goals, your fear, and expectations in mind, but what’s not at the forefront of your mind is, the bumps, storms, turbulence, wind share, and wind speed while on your journey of life,  it can either slow you down or speed up your trip for your estimated time of arrival. The Captain sits high and looks ahead for what’s coming while your field of vision is directly ahead of you. While you desire to go full speed ahead, the pilots are at cruising altitudes. I say that to say trust the timing of your Captain – God for your estimated time of arrival for each season of your life.

We could consider diversion a distraction, a disturbance, or a smokescreen. But before assuming and deeming it as an act of subversion or defeat, see it as an act of God. With maturity and spiritual growth, you’ll see it for what it is and then, with precision and clarity, be able to draw out or bring to the forefront what could hinder progression. It could be one’s attitude or emotional development that needs attention. 

They are people/liken to agents connected to you, connected to your purpose. You’ve taken notice of them and you’ve overlooked their roles. These are people who you will never lay eyes on that will contribute to your journey of life. Know this, your Captain – God, sees your fears and anxieties and knows your exceptions because He knows the path set before you. Your Captain God can prepare you to endure the bumps, turbulence, and storms you will encounter and will give you instructions on how to adjust and when to travel light. Your Captain – God will educate and enlighten you to know what to expect on your journey and if you listen closely to His instructions, He will tell you the estimated time of arrival of your season called eternity. I pray this blesses you. Follow, Like, and share with someone who will be impacted or empowered.

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