Reset Your Thinking Day 5 – When Will Things Get Better?

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.”– Kenji Miyazawa

ResetReset Your Thinking! Stop waiting for  different results with the same pattern of thinking and methodology. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but in a society where hope can seem unattainable, it can be easy to come to the conclusion that things can’t get better. No matter how dark your circumstances, life is happening. Do you take the time to see how much you have, even as you cope with all that has changed and what you may have lost? This is a good time to count your blessings.

Hope is “confident expectation.” Hope is a firm assurance regarding things that are unclear and unknown. Hope helps us push through some of the toughest times in our lives and gives us the strength to get to that finish line when we don’t think anything else will. We’re all human beings who make mistakes and have to live our journeys the way they were meant to happen. Allow your hope to propel you into the unknown, the next chapter of your life. #RestYourThinking #ThingsWillGetBetterHaveHope

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