Reset Your Thinking – Intro

It’s a new year, a time for new resolutions, setting goals and revamping one’s lifestyle. Let’s face it, you’re reinventing a new you, seeing the futuristic you, but it goes beyond that. It requires a new mindset, it requires new rules in communication… a shift in perspective, from word to visual.

Join Dr. ResetLovella Mogere as we intentionally reset our thinking for 2016. It’s time to evaluate, select information, and put together the pieces that will form new pictures of the future YOU. This 21-day challenge will impact mindsets in business, politics, government, ministry and your personal life.

RESET (set again or make different) Your Thinking. Just as we detox our bodies to eliminate toxins, experts recommend that we cleanse our minds regularly from toxic thoughts that build up and hinder us from a positive outlook. The more you reset – set again or make different – your thoughts by putting into practice intention setting, the easier it becomes, and soon your new mindset will be an intrinsic part of you. Become the futuristic YOU.
-Dr. Lovella Mogere

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2 thoughts on “Reset Your Thinking

  1. AMEN. I am ready for a reset, especially now that it is the commencement of a new year. In 2015, I achieved and/or accomplished a lot of goals that I set: physically relocating, breaking cycles and such. Now, it is time for me to reset my thinking at every level in order to bring about a paradigm that will facilitate this new season. Can’t wait to see the end result. Thank you, Dr. Mogere


    1. Carole thank you for your response, It’s interesting that you said reset my thinking on every level. That’s so dimensional. Without a doubt this 21 days of Reset Your Thinking will cause you to see self.. your UNLEASHED YOU.


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